Me gusta Esteban Mercader: Oh my lordy, Portal fandom, you have corrupted me.


So I work at a library, in the children’s area as a page. I was walking around, putting away books when suddenly I see this…

At first I’m like, “Teehee, human!Wheatley” then I’m like, wait a sec. That child…and his name is MitCHELL. FFFF. So now I’m interested.

I really appreciate the art put into this children’s book. Most of the kiddie books I read before were half-assed/copypasta-ish.

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omfg BABIES why does it look like domestic chelley does the mom have dialogue in this book because if she doesn't I'll flip my shit omg everything is Portal chelley Wheatley Chell idgaf tagging as such because fuck you that dad looks like a dork mitCHELL was what caught my attention when someone posted the cover somewhere gdi guys feelings