So me being the cynical old fart that I am when it comes to these things, I’ll just assume the worst for the TF2 movie that Heavy and Medic will have zero interaction with each other and they’ll all be pining over their perfect wives and girlfriends. Hah.

But seriously, fifteen minutes is rather short for a movie. That’s like the typical length of one cartoon episode so there’s no way you’ll get satisfying character development.

i disagree! meet-the-medic was only about four minutes long, and look at all the character-development we got outta that. our medic went from “crabby old german doctor” to “crabby old german doctor who is also insanely hilarious”

Oops, I should have said, there’s no way we’ll get satisfying character development for all nine guys. Chances are Valve will concentrate on one or two and I hope it’s Heavy and Medic.

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Va bene!



This Heavy expression is an absolute classic. lol I can’t imagine anyone not loving Heavy after seeing that face. The only thing I’m mildly disappointed about the panel is that Heavy’s hands in it are much smaller than his original hands. To me, his gigantic hands are such an intrinsic part of him. Take that away and…I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel quite right. But maybe that’s just me.

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